Pubg Tournament for Squad, Assemble Your Squad and Win The Paytm Cash

Pubg Tournament for Squad: Assemble Your Squad and Win The Paytm Cash, Assassinators bring you the eighth version of the tournament where every person throughout the country (India) can play from the comfort of your home and win exciting prizes. It’s a big chance for all those players to prove their skills and show their teamwork and efforts.

Tournament Description

  1. Game Map – Erangel TPP
  2. There Are Only 25 Squad Slots { 100 Players} For This Tournament
  3. Room ID And Password Will Only Be Available On Our Whatsapp Number/Live Chating On This Website
  4. 25 Slots Will Be Filled On First Come First Serve Basis
  5. The Link Of Server Is Available Your Ticket As Well
  6. You Need To Register Each Player On This Website Registration Page
  7. Entry Fees Rs.51 per squad

Tournament Prize

  • 1st Rank – 400 Rs Squad.
  • 2nd Rank – 300 Rs Erangel.
  • 3sd Rank – 200 Rs TPP.
    Team Most kills Rs. 100/- (In Finals)
    Player Most kills Rs.100/- (In Finals)

Tournament Rules

  1. Decision taken by the Admin Team will be final and binding and won’t be changed or reversed under any circumstances
  2. Admin Team has the right to ban/kick any player without prior notice
  3. Teams will be awarded cash prizes on the basis of rank only
  4. Kills won’t be considered in this format
  5. Map – Classic Erangel
  6. Game Mode – Squad TPP
  7. Server Region – Asia
  8. Character ID (In-game Numerical ID) is not allowed
  9. Substitutes are not allowed. In case of a substitute found playing in a team, that team won’t be considered in the results
  10. iPad Player not allowed.
  11. Emulator Player not allowed.
  12. hackers Player are not allowed.
  13. any network issue we are not responsible for it must join the discord for registration.
  14. Results are typically generated within 24 hours of the tournament
  15. Players are required to take screenshots of their match results and video recording in case they find someone cheating/teaming in the match and need to submit them as a proof

Tournament Dates

Coming Soon


Pubg Tournament for Squad, Assemble Your Squad and Win The Paytm Cash

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