OnePlus TV 55 Q1 vs Q1 Pro


The market trend of Oneplus is getting wider than other electronics brands. Now we can find the Oneplus has entered the real electronic and home entertainment world. In the field of communication and connectivity, Oneplus is trading its services wider day to among. When we move towards the flagship killer smart tv on market then the Oneplus smart tv is an option for all of us these days. So, here we are on Oneplus Tv 55 Q1 Vs Q1 Pro.

When we go towards both smart tv, then we can’t find a vast difference. The focal point of difference that I got on both smart tv is rare. Okay, let’s discuss on what is the difference between Oneplus Tv 55Q1 and Q1 Pro.


Getting easier on you for the comparison we have mentioned some major specs and highlights about both models. Check this specification of both Oneplus Tv,

Features 55 Q1 55 Q1 Pro
Display 55’, 2160p, HDR10+ 55’, 2160p, HDR10+
(with stand 1223.7 x 207.5 x 768 1223.7 x 207.5 x 795
without stand) 1223.7 x 50.6 x 706 1223.7 x 61.3 x 707
Weight(with stand/without stand) 21.5Kg/19.5Kg 24.2Kg/22.2Kg
Sound Output 50W, Dolby Digital Plus, 4 Units 50W, Dolby Digital Plus, 8 Units
Operating System Android Android
Featured Apps Disney+, Amazon Prime, ErosNow, Hungama, SonyLiv, YouTube, etc. Disney+, Amazon Prime, ErosNow, Hungama, SonyLiv, YouTube, etc.
Connection Type Oneplus Connect, Ethernet, RF, HDMI, AV, USB Oneplus Connect, Ethernet, RF, HDMI, AV, USB
Bluetooth Yes, V5.0 Yes, V5.0
Power Consumption 165W 165W
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OnePlus TV 55 Q1 vs Q1 Pro: Comparison

Oneplus has done an outstanding job by providing the higher resolution Android OS-based Smart Tv in the Indian market. Yes, here we can find the best among the best budget-friendly smart tv from Oneplus. From the specs above both smart tv are perfect and almost the same in price.

Coming to the brief discussion and comparison between both smart tv in terms of some major specs to make clear what is the difference on them.

Oneplus TV 55 Q1 and Q1 Pro

We base both Oneplus smart tv on the Android OS. We can find there running Android 9 by Google. In terms of its size and weight, also we can’t find much difference in them. A similar point on both smart TVs is their Display size, it’s 55’.

When we move towards they both are from the same series. Both come from the ‘Oneplus TV Q1 Series’ and manufactured in the same year by Oneplus.

The users have also known and used to mention this smart tv as ‘one plus 55qin-1’ for Q1 and ‘one plus 55qin pro’ for its Pro version.

In almost all the points both the smart tv seems to be the same. The major reason for the higher price on the Q1 PRO is just because of some minor features on it. It’s very difficult to choose the right product from these two due to almost the same features but differ in the price.

Comparison Between Oneplus TV 55 Q1 & Oneplus TV 55Q1 PRO

Design & Display

Both smart TVs come with the 4K Resolution. We can find the 3840×2160 Pixels on both smart tv screens. Coming to its motion rate, then we can’t find any difference. On both, we have got the 480Hz motion rate.

When we watch it on the physical body, both look impressive and have the same size. The difference between them is in terms of their dimension. The dimension rate of the Q1 PRO version is quite more and has a bigger thickness too.

We have got a 0.7mm thicker body of PRO than the normal one. Similarly, we have got the Flat screen type on both smart tv. Regarding the physical outlet, we have only a single difference, its dimension, and weight.

Regarding the display, we can’t find such a mentionable difference between both. Both the tv comes with the UHD (3840X2160P) and has the VA(A+) Grade panel type. For better vision, we can find the use of a QLED backlight on both TVs.

6000:1 contrast ratio placed on both smart tv is okay and the same to know. Also, the 60Hz refresh rate and Response time of 8ms on both make it hard to choose the better smart tv for you.


We can identify the major reason for the higher price on the PRO version with its sound features. Yes, we have got more # of speakers on the PRO Version. We have got the 4 Full Range, 2 Tweeter and 2 Subwoofer on OnePlus TV 55 Q1 PRO.

When we back towards Q1, then it just comes with the 2 Full Range and 2 Subwoofer. From this, It’s clear that we have got 2 more Full Range and 2 Tweeter as an addition on PRO. Besides this, the 50W speaker output is the same.

If we neglect all the sound systems like (DOLBY Atmos, Dolby Digital, DTS-HD) then we can find the difference only in the # of speakers. So, I think it’s one of the major reasons for the higher price of Q1 PRO.


There is no doubt in saying both TVs as the best smart tv from Oneplus. Here also we can’t find any special difference between them. Both TVs run on Android 9 by Google and have the Quad-core processor with the Cortex-A53 where the clock speed is limited to 1500MHz.

Moving towards the GPU, RAM, AND ROM, it’s the same (Mali G51 MP3, 3GB & 16GB). on top of, we have mentioned some Inbuilt/ Pre-installed apps on your Q1 series smart tv.


On both, we have got the Support of the Latest Bluetooth V5.0. also, there is the 3 USB Port on both for making it easy. For HDMI we can find the 4 ports and have single composite video input on both.


In terms of video format, this tv can support the AVI, MPEG, WAV WMA, MKV, etc. Where the audio format like MP3, WMA, etc. Can be supported.

Getting the image file format like JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIF, etc. Can be possible on both tv. Sadly both lacks the support of subtitles on the videos.


The support of HDR 10 and HDR 10+ is one of the biggest positive points that I got. Here we can find the Dolby Vision and HLG on both. In terms of black-light dimming, we have got this only on Oneplus Q1 PRO from the OnePlus TV 55 Q1 vs Q1 Pro.

Moving towards the other supported programs like Google Assistant, Oneplus connect then both are the same.

Similarly, on power consumption, we have got the 165W and have the Smart Remote (RC-001A) for controlling your smart tv. Unfortunately, the Q1 lacks the Tabletop stand, which makes it easy on choosing the right one.

Which is better?

After getting the almost same features on different price segments, many of us go towards Q1 to save money. Well, in straightforward it is good and tactful idea to choose the same product at a lower price.

In another hand, if you want to get the Table top-stand, better sound output, Blacklight dimming for a better experience then it’s time to pay the higher price by choosing the Q1 PRO.

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