How to Earn Free UC in PUBG Mobile

The in-game currency in How to Earn Free UC in PUBG Mobile is known as Unknown Cash or UC and it is required to purchase most of the in-game items in the game. The best way to get UC is by purchasing it directly but this costs real money and some might not like to invest money in the game so here is a simple method that can help you get some UC for free in PUBG Mobile.

This method is a legitimate way to earn UC and needs some hard work and persistence. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes quite normal and you can have fun while playing the matches as well. To earn free UC, you need to participate in the Bonus Challenge and pave your way towards the victory to gain free unknown cash.

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The Bonus Challenge is an in-game event in which, players need to spend a certain number of tokens and participate in competitive matches. These matches are quite similar to scrimmages or PMCO in-game qualifiers where players need to play strategically and gain enough kills and placement points to gain Bonus Coins. These bonus coins can then be used to redeem UC but it is a tedious task.

To earn UC for free, remember that you need to put in enough effort and be persistent because it will not be handed over for free. You also need to join a clan to make this process a little bit easier and gain the participation tokens for free.

Just follow the steps given below to gain UC for free. You can also gather some friends and complete this method as a squad to have fun and earn UC at the same time.

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  • Join any clan and go to its shop section. Redeem the ‘Bonus Challenge’ token.
  • This token will be available once a week so makes sure to redeem them weekly and play the challenge in one go.
  • The Bonus Challenge section unlocks at a certain time so keep an eye on the timers and reserve that time slot.
  • Once you have the token, simply participate in the matches in any given more. If you invest more tokens, there are high returns but we recommend you to play the matches with a single token requirement.
  • Play strategically and be confident in your skills. Grab a high number of kills and try to get a chicken dinner to get a ton of bonus coins
  • Once you have enough bonus coins, you can exchange them for UC. A total of 1000 Bonus Coins are required to redeem 100 UC and so on.

Remember to play it a little safe and not rush into unknown locations without gathering enough information. Most of the players participating in this mode are playing for free UC so the competition is quite tough. Play a mindful game and hold the correct position, set traps, and ambush your enemies to gain a higher number of kills.

How to earn free UC in PUBG Mobile – FAQs

Q1. How to Get PUBG Free UC?

There are many ways to get pubg UC (unknown cash) for free in your account, you can participate in online tournaments and win the prize or use online paytm cash earning apps like WinZo Gold, Big Cash, etc. You can buy UC by earning free wallet cash for which Midasbuy and soda shop is the best websites to purchase UC at a cheap price.

Q2. PUBG Free UC Hack Apk?

You will not find any kind of apk to hack pubg uc online, in a way it is illegal. If the company comes to know about this, then they can also take legally action against you for using the crack version of Pubg Mobile. To avoid such Uc hack apk you can use legal apps which we have mentioned here – Top 20 Refer and Earn Apps to Earn PayTM Cash.

Q3. PUBG Free UC Hack Generator?

Pubg free UC generator, Many websites are running on such a name or topic. But wait, does it work properly? No, this is clearly fake. There is no such tool or generator available here which will generate UC in free and crediting free UC in your pubg account. So stay away from such websites.

Q4. PUBG Free UC Mod Apk?

In pubg mod apk you get many features like Anti-Cheat, Wall Hack, Speed ​​Hack, No Recoil, Auto-Aim, Unlimited Health, Unlimited Ammo, Unlimited UC, etc. It is considered illegal to use any kind of crack version, you can also play the game honestly because a clean and clear game is the real fun to play with your squad.

Q4. Can you get free UC in PUBG mobile?

Getting free UC in PUBG Mobile is pretty tedious if you are not a pay-to-win player. However, you can go for the Google Opinion Rewards app to Get Free UC. Moreover, if you want an easier step, just pay for the Elite Pass and get UCs alongside a variety of different rewards.

This is the only legitimate way to earn UC for free in PUBG Mobile via official methods.

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